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WWE 2K16 is another game in WWE series. It is developed by Visual Concepts. WWE 2K16 published under the name of 2KGames because this series is based on 2K era. WWE 2k16 is the best action and wrestling game on Pc. There are many great features and game modes available in this game. Play wrestle mania, tag-team match, road to become champion and more game modes. WWE 2K16 has so many licensed wrestlers. Every wrestler looks realistic and full detailed. Graphics are fully detailed and deliver high quality resolution. Visual effects and animations are awesome.

WWE 2K16


Gameplay is pretty awesome and delivers the best wrestling experience in real time. There are almost 120 famous and strongest wrestlers available. Choose your favorite wrestler and play against opponent. You can change the difficulty level from settings. Every wrestler has unique and powerful finishing move also known as Smack. Commentary feature make the game realistic and enjoyable. 30 new moves are included in this game. Controls are impressively simple and easy to understand. Beat opponent and perform finishing move to win the match. Win WWE titles and increase your collection. WWE 2K16 now has Stone Cold Steve Austin, Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose and Finn Balor etc. Download it and start playing best wrestling game on Pc.

WWE 2K16

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