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Total Overdose is an action and fighting adventure game on Pc. This game was developed and published by Dead Line Games. Ram Cruz is the main character of this game and the whole story revolves around it. The storyline of this game is quite good and enjoyable. The father of Ram Cruz got killed by the Mafia gang and your aim is to get revenge from them. It is also a shooting game where you need to shoot down enemies. Do missions and complete the story of this game. Graphics are pretty good and look amazing. Visuals look good and sound effects seem realistic in this game.

Total Overdose


It is an open world game where you can roam freely but the main aim is to kill the Mafia gang who killed the father of Ram Cruz. There are so many weapons which you can use to kill people. Drive any vehicle in game and rule the city. Interact with people and earn money in different ways to buy something you want. Controls are pretty great and understandable. The locations in this game are based on real Mexico. Easily control your character and do anything you want in game.

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