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Tekken 3 is one of the most popular fighting game on PC platform. It is the 3rd installment in Tekken series and it was released in 1997 for PC platform. Tekken 3 was released for PlayStation in 1998. This is the best fighting and arcade game in the history of gaming. It was developed and published by Namco. It has many characters which you can choose to fight. Tekken 3 has the best fighting sense in gaming. It has more detailed graphics. 3D graphics and visual effects are stunning in this game. Animations are powerful and make the game interesting. Tekken 3 has fifteen newly added characters. Every character has unique moves and combat style. It has modern music in background and improved gameplay. Tekken 3 is more optimized and smooth. There are great game modes available to play. Choose any favorite character and start the journey.

Tekken 3 PC


Gameplay is so stunning and addicted. There are several characters to choose from. Select favorite character and complete stages. Learn combos and defeat enemies and bosses in different stages. Controls are easy to understand. Perform different and unique combos. Defeat opponent and clear stages to finish the game. There are some great game modes which you can play. 3D model characters and detailed definition make the game realistic and fantastic. Complete stages and unlock more characters. Play with friends in double player mode. Practice mode for practicing. Learn different attacks in practice mode. backgrounds are awesome and look real in game. Perform difficult special moves but when you perform smoothly, you will be the winner in game. Paul, Yoshimitsu, Eddy, Lee, Law, Panda and more are the powerful characters in game. You can choose any of your favorite character and can easily change the outfit of your character by choosing it with different buttons.

Tekken 3 PC

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