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Max Payne 1 is the first shooting and action game in the series of Max Payne. It is a 3rd person shooting and action game on Pc. It was developed by Remedy Entertainment. In 2001, it was available on windows to play. Max Payne is the main character in the game and the whole storyline revolves around the main character. You are a spy in this game and you need to take revenge of your family who got murdered. Take revenge and complete the story of this game. Complete missions and reveal the truth about murder of his family.


This game has an interesting gameplay and storyline. Indulge yourself in the story and you will experience the pain of Max Payne. Complete missions and enjoy slow motion action scenes. Controls are easy to understand and you can also perform special action moves. Kill enemies and find ammo and meds to heal wounds. Interact with others and complete objectives. Use med-kits to enhance the performance of your player. Walk, jump, sprint and shoot easily with simple aims. It is a free to play game which you can download and start completing the chapters of this story. Avoid enemy attacks and fight with leader of gang to take revenge.

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