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Mafia II is a famous action and adventure game on Pc platform. It is the 2nd installment in Mafia game series. It is an open world game where you can roam freely in the world full of Mafia gangs. You can steal and drive any vehicle or you can ride any bike. Rule the city with your rules and become the best Mafia gang in the game. Graphics got more intense and stunning. 3D graphics and visuals of the game make it more realistic and interesting. It has awesome sound effects which look real. There are so many weapons which you can pick and use against enemies.

Mafia II complete


The main character is Vito. Game has awesome storyline where you need to complete missions in order to find the truth behind story. Face powerful enemies and try to kill them all. Use deadly weapons to kill your enemies and hide from cop. Drive vehicle and roam in the city. Game has huge map which you can explore. Main character has ability to hide behind any object. Visual effects and animations are so fantastic. Complete missions in game and unlock the rest of the story. There are 3 different radio stations in car or you can also enjoy different type of music in game.

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