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Limbo PC Game is an adventure game developed by PlayDead. Play as little boy lost in dark world and survival is must in order to get escape from dark world. Find the lost sister in dark places and avoid obstacles. It is a 2D game with dynamic graphics. There are some puzzles which you need to solve in order to clear the path or you will be stuck here. The graphics are simple yet beautiful. Black and grey color graphics make the game unique. Play with a strategy and solve difficult puzzles to clear your path.



Gameplay is quite simple and interesting. Play as a boy and find your lost sister in the world of darkness where everything is dark. Graphics are 2D and deliver unique gaming experience. Play and solve tricky puzzles and avoid obstacles. Controls are very easy and you can set the keys from settings to enhance the gaming experience. Avoid people and other creatures in the game otherwise they will try to kill you. Deadly place is silent but there are monsters watching you. This is a free to play game and can be downloaded easily on Pc. Start adventure and solve difficult missions.


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