ocean of games – Project IGI 3 Setup PC Game Free Download


Project IGI 3 is an old but popular role playing game on Pc. It is first person shooting game and 3rd installment in the series of IGI games. The story of this game is awesome and based on missions. Some missions are difficult and some are tricky to clear. Background music and other sound effects are amazing. Project IGI 3 has dynamic 3D graphics with good detailing. Visual effects are stunning and make the game more enjoyable and interesting. Get military items and kill enemies to clear the path and complete the mission. Get weapons and find ammo by killing enemies. Make strategies to clear your path and complete the objectives.


Project IGI 3 has great gameplay. You are a spy with all the military equipment. Kill enemies and collect weapons. There are so many weapons including rifles, snipers and more. Spy on enemies and find the right time to shoot them down. Controls are also easy and simple in game. Fire, walk, climb, sprint, aim and throw grenade easily in game. Adjust the graphics from settings and you can also set the sensitivity. Complete missions and engage with the new plot of game. Every mission has new objectives to be cleared. Download this first person shooting game and live childhood memories again with this game.

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