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GTA San Andreas is an open world action and adventure game which belongs to the series of GTA Vice City. Rockstar North developed and published this game back in 2004. It is the 7th title in the series of GTA games. It is a third person perspective action game where you can roam freely. Explore huge map of the game and find new places. The main character of this game is Carl Johnson who is also known as CJ. Tommy is also a main character who is basically a thief. The graphics are better and more enhanced than the previous series of GTA. Map is bigger than before and there are more vehicles to drive. Drive any vehicle on street and roam the city freely without any fear. Walk, sprint and run on streets. Enter cheat codes to get extra perks in the game. Change the look of your character in GTA San Andreas.

GTA San Andreas


It has same gameplay like previous GTA series. Gameplay is more improved and better. Player can sprint if stamina of character is full or walk on streets. Swimming and climbing is also possible now. It has super easy control setup. Assign keys to set controls for better gaming experience. Drive any kind of vehicle or bike you want. Kill people you do not like and defeat enemies. The storyline of the game so interesting. Complete missions to cover the story. Learn and fly plane to perform specific missions. There are tons of weapons such as machinegun, grenade launcher, rifles, snipers, pistols and more. Earn money by completing missions and buy properties to create save points in game. Unlock and explore the whole map. Change clothes of character and help him building muscles by going to gym. You can go anywhere you want in GTA San Andreas.

GTA San Andreas

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