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Assassin Creed Brotherhood is a great action and adventure game with open world feature. The story of this game is totally based on action, drama and revenge. The storyline of this game is amazing. The story revolves around the Villain Kings who kill people for their benefits. You are assassin in the game and your task is to help those people and fight against powerful enemies. Assassin Creed Brotherhood delivers the best graphical experience. Highly detailed visuals and animations make the game stunning. The game is based on real world simulation because you can roam freely in city. You can jump, climb, run or walk anywhere you want. Fight against enemies and unleash assassin skills.

Assassin Creed Brotherhood


Gameplay is full of action and revenge. Fight the enemies and unlock powers of your assassin. You can interact with other people and even with animals. Clear missions and quests to find the answers of unsolved mysteries. The game has huge map with beautiful locations. There are some great weapons which you can use in fights. Visit shops and buy anything you want. Eagle eye vision is an ability to see your enemy. Controls are fairly simple and handling character is easy. Everything is easy to understand and use. Solve mysteries and clear the story of this game. You can even hide from enemies in bushes, behind the wall or anywhere you want.

Assassin Creed Brotherhood

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